1945 Field Gear


This is small sampling of guns. These are all in personal collections, and representative pieces for each manufacturer. There are a few guns shown which are not 1944-1945 production, these are either transitional rifles or are presented for comparison purposes. I'm expanding the sections to include sniper rifles as well, I get a lot of emails about them.

1945 Rifles
Other Rifles
bnz43 SS contract
bnz4 single rune
SSZZA4 depot build
ac45 K43
qve45 K43
Volkssturm Rifles
Commercial K98k
Steyr VK98
Sniper Rifles
High Turret
Low Turret
SS Double Claw
Long Side Rail
Single Claw
SS Objective Mount
SS Short Side Rail
Sauser SSR
Late War Pistols
ac45 P.38
byf/svw P.38
cyq P.38
Browning HP
Beretta M34 & M35



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