This is small sampling of guns. These are all in personal collections, and representative pieces for each manufacturer. There are a few guns made in 1945 not listed, and as examples become available, they will be added- with photos. Again, if you have any you would like to submit, email me.

1945 Pistols

ac45 P38

byf44 dual tone

Sauer38h 1945

Walther PP 1945

Radom P35 1945

Beretta m35 1945

CZ27 1945

1945 Rifles

bnz45 K98k

swjXE K98k

byf45 K98k

svw45 K98k

svwMB K98k

bcd45 K98k

dot 1944 K98k

swp45 K98k

dou45 K98k

ac45 K43

qve45 K43

VK98 bnz45

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