Steyr bnz45/swjXE marked rifles

The rifles produced by Steyr (bnz code) offer some of the most diverse variations. Serial numbers were stamped on just major parts, and as the war wound down, even less parts were numbered. The phosphate finish on Steyr rifles is a silver/grey-green color and the blueing is a grey/blue color. The stocks were marked with the Eagle H marking on the right side, midway on the butt. Inside, the stock was marked with an E623 marking, which can be hard to read on some laminated stocks. A typical characteristic of late war guns can be found on original finish Steyr rifles- silver solder will be seen coming from under the rear sight sleeve, more so on later guns. On a side note, it should be remembered that Law's book "Backbone of the Wehrmacht" is only a guide for 98k collectors- and most of the info on 1945 date rifles is incomplete, or flat out incorrect.

Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- variations to exist from this guide however.