swjXE K98k

This code is probably the most contraversial of all K98 codes out there. Steyr Werk in Austria can be associated with this code on MP44's- most are dated with the date 45, but some have been reported with the XE code in place of the date. Here is what appears to be a legitimate example of this rare code. This particular gun has been sporterized after the war, but many traces of it's heritage are evident. Notice the serial is in the "T" range- late bnz45 range. Notice this firearm finished the fire proofing , indicated by the Nazi firing proof on the barrel. Also, the small "hole" in the stepped part of the barrel indicates a rear sight was installed originally. These pictures are the most conclusive evidence to date that the swjXE rifles are indeed real. I have included a picture of the MP44 marked swj for an example- notice the typical Steyr Wa623. (anonymous collector submitted)


Below, a comparison between bnz45 and swjXE. There are different variants of the swjXE marking, thin and thick, only due to stamping depth.