Mauser svw45 marked rifles

The svw rifles produced by Mauser Orbendorf (svw code) are found in both phosphate and blued finish, along with mixed finish guns, i.e. bolt and small parts blued, the balance of the rifle phosphated. Mauser started svw production in about February 1945 and used a 5 digit serial numbering system. Some svw rifles will be found with WW1 mauser parts on them, and some parts will be subcontracted. It was a long held misconception that svw45 was French production (along with svwMB), but it is obviously not true. It is possible to find svw45 rifles produced by the French, as not all rifles serial numbered were finished before the French took over the plant in April, and some that were finished or not accepted were captured by the French and reworked. Many of these rifles will bear the French star proof- more on that in the svwMB section.

Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- variations to exist from this guide however.

Examples of svw45 Rifles
svw45 b block