Gustloff bcd45 marked rifles

The rifles produced by GustloffWerke were coded bcd in 1944-45 time frame. Nailing down exact production is very difficult, as the company continued to use bcd4 marked recievers while producing weapons in 1945, along with bcd45 marked guns. There is much disagreement over when production started-- it can safely be argued that the 5 digit serial number guns above 60,000-70,000 are 45 production, however some beleive the years production started earilier. Another problem is the serial numbers rolled over during production, and went up another 18,000 guns or so. With that, I will cover a few rifles that I am confident are 1945 production. This code (bcd4/bcd45) is very diverse, and many variations exist, to include Machine Gun Barrel rifles, Long Side Rail snipers, phosphate and blue finish, and stamped and milled parts. I am guessing at the beginning of 1945 production based on serial studies done by collectors in the past.

Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- some variations do exist from this guide however.

Examples of bcd45 Rifles