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Waffen Werke Bystrica (dou)was the sister factory to WaffenWerke Brunn (dot/swp). Rifles manufactured by this factory were marked dou. 45, with a period after the code to keep it from accidently being read upside down. The factory was located in the Slovak region, and made 98k rifles from 1942-1945. The unique aspect of dou.45 rifles is that most were captured by the Russians, with very few being found in the hands of US Army soldiers. This was due to the fact that there was little fighting between the US forces and the German forces in Czechoslovakia.

Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- some variations do exist from this guide however.

Serial Range: 001-1500 f
Approximate number produced: 62,000
Metal Finish: Blued, Phosphate, or Mix- more blue finish found on stamped parts
Stock Finish: Most unstained, rough, unmarked except for small letter or number stamped at wrist
Stock Type: Semi-Kriegsmodell, with takedown disc and no band spring, with screwed in bands
Wood Type
: laminated, white or red glue
Triggergaurd: Most have qnw stamped with no lock screws
Floorplate: byf, qnw, 1 proofed milled
Follower: Most "lxr" or "135 waffenamt" marked
Front and Rear Bands:Stamped bands were blued
Numbered Parts:
Full serial number on barrel , last 4 digits on bolt shroud and bolt root at top,, last 2 digits on cocking piece, safety, firing pin, early dou.45 rifles have last 2 digits on sight leaf, base, and sleeve, later versions had no serials on sight parts

dou rifles

dou 45 blued b

dou 45 phosphate d block

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