dou45 vet bringback

The rifle that is pictured here was brought back to the States by US Army Sargeant Jesse F. Stamper of Ohio. All of the following research is due to the hard work of Joe Viviano and myself, and was researched by online sources and surviving family.

Sgt Jesse Stamper joined the US Army in January 1942, originally with the 83rd Infantry Division from Ohio. He was soon transferred to the 94 Infantry Regiment, and probably arrived in Germany on D+ 94 (September 8, 1944). The 94th was part of Pattons 3rd Army, and was in XX Corp (for more info, go to 94th Infantry Division ). After the war, the 94th was given positions in the Ruhr pocket until July of 1945, when they were moved to Czechoslovakia. The Regitment was given occupation duties there until November of 1945. It is here that Sgt. Stamper most likely aquired this rifle. This is significant, as most dou.45 rifles were captured intact by Russian forces, or Czech resistance fighters.

Sgt. Stamper was a fighter, and married 7 times. According to surviving family, Jesse Stamper was a drinker and a fighter, and fought until he died. All of the items you see below were carried by Sgt. Stamper during the war, and include his Garand bayonet, brass knuckles (steel actually), his ETO Ike Jacket with all insignia attached, a WW1 card game, and lastly his Dougboy recruit manual, signed by his squad mates.