Brünn I swp45 marked rifles

The rifles produced by Brünn I were coded swp in the latter part of 1945, a code change from dot 1944. The serial number range is about 45300a to over 90000a, a continuation from dot 1944 production. Most swp45 guns are in the semi Kriegsmodell configuration, but it is possible that some late swp45 guns were full Kriegsmodells. Phosphate finish shows up in the swp45 range too- starting with bolts. Late in the 75000a range, swp 45 marked guns can be found with an cheap sheet metal rear sight. These guns with the sheetmetal sight were once believed to be experimental, but the sight was general issue from the mid 75000a range till the end of production. Many of these fell into the hands of the Russians, as the factory was in the Russian occupation zone. Waffenamt markings are the same as for dot- Wa63 proofed parts are the norm, but many odd items can be found on the Brünn I guns, such as S/42 marked parts and other odd subcontracted parts (Wa37 parts from Haenel are also found).

Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- variations to exist from this guide however.

Examples of swp45 Rifles
swp45 semi Kriegs