M44 Breadbag

This is an example of a late war M44 breadbag. These were produced after November 1944, so most will be 1945 manufactured. This one appears as though it was never completed, or was hastily completed, possibly to finish off a contract before the war ended. The upper belt loops are stapled together, having never been sewn down with the metal D rings for the canteen. The corresponding leather tabs that are usually on the front are also missing. The manufacturer marked the back, but it is almost illegible- appears to say HEILER Munchen 22? Also, this particular bread bag has the Czech style pebbled leather that is seen on late K43 pouches and ammo pouches marked RME44-45, as well as on cz27 holsters. M44 bread bags are distinguished by having a simple cloth loop for the center instead of a metal hook, and also a sewn pouch on the inside for the rifle cleaning kit.

Another example, this one is finished with proper sewing on the loops, but is unmarked otherwise.