Here is a nice example of a late "a suffix" dot 1944. This one has a rough chatter stock on it. An interesting aspect is the milled takedown disc. These starts showing up again in this serial range, at a time when production was starting to suffer from shortages. Perhaps the factory supplier was down and they went back to milling them in house, very difficult to determine. Also, notice the lack of any markings on the milled floorplate. Most are 1 proofed up to this point, and byf stamped after this- perhaps another important changeover. The serial was relocated to the reciever on a suffix guns. When dot changed serial styles (from 4 digit with suffix (on reciever) to 4 digit double letter suffix (on barrel), 4 digit double letter to 5 digit no suffix (on barrel), and finally to 5 digit a suffix (on reciever again) the location of the serial was changed. Also, this rifle has a phosphate bolt.