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This is another example of the dot 1944 code mauser made for the Nazi's during WW2. This gun is earlier than the next, with a serial number in the 49000 range. The gun is 100% matching, and in nearly mint condition. The stock has the charachteristic "corn cob" finish of late dot guns. The triggerguard and floorplate are blued- qnw marked triggerguard with dot applied blue to the byf floorplate. The bands are held on with slotted and spanner type wood screws- again, common to late dot guns. The stock has the Eagle H marking, and the handguard is dot marked. This gun was at the beginning of Kriegsmodell production, and was manufactured approximately in late November / December of 1944. The serial numbers of the 5 digit no suffix guns is located on the barrel, and the a suffix guns it was moved to the reciever.