This is a late 5 digit no suffix rifle. It has charachteristic chatter mark stock with dot markings on bottom and on handguard. At around this point, the dot markings become less standard on stocks. This one has a phosphate follower, with the rest of the rifle blued. The front bands are held on with dot specific spanner type wood screws. These are only found on dot44 rifles. Dou rifles have a similar screw, but the holes for the spanner wrench are inside the screwdriver slot, opposite of this type. The rifle has a milled 1 proofed floorplate. When determining whether or not you have a correctly numbered bolt in a dot44, always look at the fonts. If you notice, dot fonts have a very unique look to them. Study the pictures for other aspects of dot rifles, such as semi-Kriegsmodell configuration and small style firing proofs.