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This is a byf45 Mod.98 mauser with a solid wood stock, as opposed to laminated wood. I am not sure if the wood is walnut or not, but that is what most collectors believe. This particular gun is rare- it is an original byf45 with in the semi-Kriegsmodell configuration, meaning it has no takedown disc in the stock, but still has a bayonet mount and band spring arrangement- before this gun I had never seen an original one. This gun also has a closed, milled upper band with a stamped lower band. It has the typical byf marked, stamped and phosphate finish triggerguard and floorplate. This gun is an untouched original, with unsanded wood- notice the clear Wa135 proof on the right butt of the stock. Look at the photos- you will probably not see another for a long, long time! Anonymous collector submitted piece.