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This is a byf45 Mod.98 mauser. As noted before, byf45 rifles are found in blue and phosphate finish. This particular rifle is what is known as dual tone, or a mix of blue and phosphate. It is a 3 digit serial number as well, making it an early 1945 rifle. The phosphate finish is a light grey/green color, and it has a phosphate byf marked triggergaurd without set screws. This gun is nearly mint condition, and was either imported by a vet or early after WW2. The stock is stained and has a crisp Wa135 on the right butt. Bands are held with screws, and the front band is phosphate finish, while the rear band is blued. One interesting fact about this gun is the bolt- it has a subcontracted bolt made by Astrawerk AG, Chemnitz. This company was the main provider for bcd guns, supplying bolts, recievers, triggergaurd assemblies, and bands. Many early byf guns had FN manufactured bolts (E140)- however, the FN factory was overrun September of 44, and this was most likely a stopgap measure to continue production.