This is a nice example of a blued byf 45 from earlier production, serial number 22856 with no suffix. This rifle was manufactured January 1945. The stock is a subcontracted piece from JP Sauer, and is Wa37 proofed on the keel, but Wa135 proofed on the side. Notice in the last photo the small asterisk marking. This marking was used by Mauser Oberndorf on subcontracted stocks marked with a "C" and also with this type, marked "Wa37". Quite a few early byf45 rifles were not Kriegsmodells, but instead were fitted with subcontracted wood. I believe that many of the manufacturers were experiencing stock blank shortages at the end of 44 beginning of 45, and these are examples of stopgap measures. Notice that this rifle also has a milled floorplate, something that shows up on byf45 rifles-- odd in that byf supplied thousands of stamped floorplates to other manufacturers. These floorplates are totally unmarked.