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The rifles produced by Mauser Orbendorf (byf code) are found in both phosphate and blued finish, along with mixed finish guns, i.e. bolt and small parts blued, the balance of the rifle phosphated. Mauser started production a 001 in 1945 and used a 5 digit serial numbering system. The byf45 code went to the high 9000a range, and then the factory changed the code to svw. Remember- mauser did not fill in all the serial number blocks- it is generally held that the letter suffix corresponds to the month of production, i.e. "no letter" is January, "a" is February, "b" is March, etc.. Many of the Kriegsmodell features were in full effect by January of 1945, and you find byf45's in full Kriegmodell trim from day 1. Some byf rifles will be found with WW1 mauser parts on them, and some parts could be subcontracted.
Most items below are based on study of matching original guns- variations to exist from this guide however.

Serial Range: 001 to 60000  
                        0001a to 98XXa
Approximate number produced: 70,000
Metal Finish: Blued, Phosphate, or Mix
Stock Finish: Most unstained, rough, Eagle 135 marked
Stock Type: Full or Semi Kriegsmodell- no takedown washer, bayonet lug deleted, screwed in bands- some early guns reported with standard configuration stocks, i.e. with takedown washer, bayonet mount, and band spring arrangement
Wood Type: some solid, most laminated
Triggergaurd: (early) byf marked blued or phosphate, no serial number (late) svw marked phosphate, no serial number
Floorplate: Most byf marked, blued or phosphate
Follower: "135 waffenamt" marked, blued or phosphated
Front and Rear Bands: Bands were blued, or will be silver grey-green phosphate finished, no waffenamts or serial, held by screws (no band spring)- a few early guns have band springs
Numbered Parts:
Full serial number w/suffix on left receiver, last 4 digits with suffix on bolt root, last 4 digits on bolt shroud, last 2 digits on cocking piece, Safety unnumbered

byf rifles

byf45 dual tone
serial 906

byf45 phosphate

byf45 blued
serial 22856

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