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This section is dedicated to ac45 K43 rifles. The variations seen in ac45 K43's seem to be endless- blued and phosphated, dual guide lug and single guide lug, half moon cutouts on the bolt and without cutouts, with and without hold open latch, etc... a very few early 45 dated ac guns have been found with solid stocks. Serial numbers range from no letter to "d" block. Again, if you want to collect K43's, you must get the book by Darrin Weaver "Hitlers Garands". Scopes and mounts for these are a whole different story...

Serial Range: 0001 to 76XXd
Approximate number produced: 47,000
Metal Finish: Blued, Phosphate, or Mix- more blue finish found on earlier guns
Stock Finish: Most unstained, rough, Eagle 359 marked on left butt (some d block guns will be found without the Eagle359 marked butt- these guns were likely not finished when captured)
Stock Type: Laminated on almost all, some early (less than 1%) have solid stocks, late dual lug guns have crosslug moved forward
Triggergaurd: Phosphate, a few marked WaC10
Front Band: Early bands were blued, later bands will be grey-green phosphate finished, no waffenamts or serial
Numbered Parts: Full serial with suffix on reciever , 4 digits stamped on bolt housing, 4 digits stamped on bolt body, last 3 digits engraved on firing pin housing, and right and left locking lugs. Stocks were not numbered on ac45 rifles. Most parts E359 marked

ac45 Rifles

ac45 no letter block

ac45 d block

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