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Welcome to the latewar.com site. I've been busy over the last few years since I started this site, co-authoring a book devoted to the late war 98k in it's final form, the Kreigsmodell. Click the link to www.kriegsmodell.com for a preview of the book, along with information on the purchase of this new book. This was an exciting project, and covers the transformation of the K98k from standard forum into the last version. This book contains factory documents supplied by Jon Speed, along with 417 pages packed full of color photos. If you want the newest book on the K98k rifle, this is the one to get!

Also, I've set up a new online forum for collectors of the 98k rifle, located at www.k98kforum.com . Bruce Karem and I have begun work on "Karabiner98k - 1933-1938", with plans to do 1939-1944. Join up and continue the study of the Kriegsmodell rifle, and join in the process to create the next books!

I hope to do a full revision of the latewar.com site this year (time permitting) and will include many photos of 1945 date rifles submitted by generous collectors!

I am actively in search of 1945 dated items, so if you have 1945 dated items of interest, email me as I would love to add more to the pages. I am always looking for 45 dated items to buy as well, and appreciate any leads for items.